Adopt a Pet Hopper


Adopt a Pet Hopper
Adopt a Pet Hopper

DOB: 04/03/2009

BREED: Male, German Shepherd blend

WEIGHT:        65 lbs.

Dog Friendly, High Energy

OK, I have a broken leg. The usual story, car vs. dog, car won, yada yada yada. Then I came here, and they fixed the leg and it’s healing nicely, thank you. Then they named me Hopper. Really. Hilarious. I guess I can’t complain, since they DID fix my leg, but what kind of name is that for a studly guy like me? And someone gave me a hot pink cast! What are they trying to do, give me a complex or something? Maybe you should come and adopt me so you can change my name to something more manly, like Rex, or Brute, or Killer! That would be so cool. By the way, I have lots of energy, so once I get this cast off, we can go running together and all that stuff.

By daryl

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