The Latino Coalition

Many Latino and Hispanic entrepreneurs have made it their business to give back to the community. And as their businesses continue to grow (they generated $220 billion in one year alone, according to The Latino Coalition), the benefits to the community are expected to increase as well.

A new civics awards program may help boost that spirit of community service even further by honoring Latino business leaders who have made a mark in their neighborhoods. Through an alliance with The Latino Coalition, the national Aflac Civic Awards are being given throughout the year to generate greater awareness of Hispanics who are involved in community

The Latino Coalition
The Latino Coalition

service-and to promote their causes. “There has been so much attention given to the problems that touch the Hispanic community and so little attention given to the remarkable achievements of many Latino entrepreneurs that we wanted to find a way to recognize their contribution,” said Paul Amos, executive vice president, chief operating officer of Aflac. “We believe the awards are good first steps.”

People can nominate themselves or others and learn more by visiting aflac. com or Nominees will be evaluated by a group of leading business executives who will consider the community contribution and its value to a neighborhood. The winners will be selected through an online process. Rewarding Community Service Nominees have launched mentoring programs for underprivileged women and created free classes to teach business fundamentals to budding entrepreneurs. Some nominees have helped unemployed people find jobs, and one nominee even delivers free food to low-income elderly people. Business Resources Aflac provides money to policyholders to help supplement income loss as a result of a medical event.

But it also offers services such as its supplier diversity program, which is meant to help educate minority vendors on obtaining procurement opportunities with major corporations. Business opportunities and training initiatives offered through the program have earned the insurer a top-50 spot among’s best corporations in the nation contracting with minority entrepreneurs. In addition, the firm launched, an online resource for small companies offering tips for attracting and retaining employees while growing their business.

Growing Influence By 2020, the majority of children entering high school, the majority of workers entering the workforce and the majority of newly eligible voters will be Latino. A new civics initiative awards contributions of Hispanic entrepreneurs to their communities.

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