Coffee Cup

For millions of Americans, mornings just aren’t the same without a cup of joe. In fact, coffee ranks as one of the most popular drinks in the United States, with Americans drinking more than 300 million cups of it every day, according to the Specialty Coffee Association of America.

Coffee Cup
Coffee Cup

But for some people, a little cup of java can mean a big problem for their stomachs. Natural levels of acid in coffee, as well as impurities and resins, may wreak havoc on the digestive tract. According to the online coffee buying guide Coffeereview. com, bright, acidy roasts are some of the most frequently offered brews by manufacturers, For years, consumers looking for a smooth, low-acid coffee have been largely overlooked.

But with the incredible demand for coffee and the growing popularity of specialty brews, more low-acid and acidfree roasts are now appearing on store shelves as well as for sale online. Some companies, such as Tucson, Ariz.-based Tyler’s Coffee, sell only acid-free roasts. Tyler Ornstein, chief executive officer of Tyler’s Coffee, says that his company’s trick to brewing a coffee that’s devoid of acid is a computerized “Z-roasting” process that optimizes the time a roast’s coffee beans are cooked.

The result, Ornstein says, is a balanced, fully caffeinated coffee that does not possess the high levels of acid that can result from over-roasting. Whatever the manufacturing process, low-acid and acid-free coffees may bring hope to consumers who love the drink but hate the indigestion that sometimes follows. “Our customers with sensitive stomachs are relieved to learn that they can still continue enjoying a great cup of coffee whenever they want,” Ornstein says.

Our San Bernardino Bail Bonds company has been trying out new coffees. Although we haven’t yet tried Tyler’s Coffees, we have tried some low-acid coffees and they are much better.

For more information about Tyler’s Coffee, visit www.tylerscoffees. com or call 520-903-2739.

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