Adopt a Pet Empress


DATE IN: 3/28/07

Adopt a Pet Empress
Adopt a Pet Empress

FROM: L.A. Animal

Shelter Transfer

DOB: 10/5/05

BREED: Female, Pit X

WEIGHT: 46 lbs.


Dogs Okay, No Cats,

Must Know Breed, Experienced

Owner, Mandatory

6-Week Training

Required at Owner’s Expense

As you should be able to tell by my name, I’m royalty and I deserve the finest! It will be worth your while to get to know as much as possible about my breed so that when you take me home, we’ll be able to relax into the best, most loving, long term relationship. Please give me the opportunity to prove to you what a gem I am. If you already have a canine companion, please bring him or her along when you come to meet me, so that we can meet. Hurry to Pet Orphans, I’m waiting!

By daryl

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